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Update on Bailey. AKA Greybeard. | by neuro
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Update on Bailey. AKA Greybeard.

UPDATE @ 0900 Aug 14.


Bailey had his left anal gland expressed. (He had been biting and swiping at his tail area, and going outside of the litter box.)

The Vet gave him an injection of antibiotics for this after he expressed the gland..

He had some blood work done. The vet will phone me with results when they come in.

He also heard a heart murmur... so took some blood to see if the heart was stressed from the murmur.

Bailey is a very high stung cat and when something is bothering him he snaps at his tail and runs madly around the house.

This anal gland inflammation/infection was bothering him.


He may have to restart Clomicalm for his anxiety and obsessive compulsive symptoms.

We will wait to see what the blood tests show.

Thank you all.


!!!! Vet just called 1200 PM.

CBC and electrolytes were fairly normal.

Creatinine down from 2.2 to 2.1.


So he recommends restarting the Clomicalm.

1/4 pill twice a day. (can go up to 1/2 pill..)


Bailey ate a good lunch. (Whiskars as a treat)

and then ran madly to his chair and snapped at the end of his tail.


Vet feels his OCD is exacerbated because he doesn't feel well.


Will try the Clomicalm as he is obviously anxious and distressed.




Will update ASAP


Vet called.

Feels he passed a hairball from his rectum and that, and the hard stool may have been hurting him and causing distress. He has been associating pain with having a bowel movement.

Have given him 3 cc's of Lactulose. (also on the theodur and metacam)


She also feels he has bronchial irritation on top of his bowel issues.


She said to monitor him over the next few days and mentioned the possibility of restarting Clomicalm in the future if his stress and anxiety persist without any further obvious physical causes. (as his chest and abdominal X-ray were essentially normal except for some inflammation of his bronchial tubes and gas and some feces in his abdomen)

Thank you all for your support and concern.

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Taken on August 14, 2012