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Some may or may not know I co-run a screenprinting and design shop called Vahalla Studios with my pal Dan Padavic.

We are so excited to introduce our first group print series and show releasing and gallery opening last week. Each print is for sale in our store as well as the complete set which is packaged in a great two color on chip package. Each print is 8x8 3 colors. A great Valentines day gift.

We feel honored to have the artist who participated which includes Kate Bingaman, Will Bryant, Tad Carpenter, Frank Chimero, Maura Cluthe, Jennifer Daniel, Chris Eliopolos, Matt Hawkins, Hydro 74, David Huyck, Blake E. Marquis, Andy Miller, Dan Padavic, Richard Perez, Mark Todd, Nate Williams and John Vogl.

All can be purchased here:
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