Xenogears Perfect Works Translation
My scanlation of the Xenogears Perfect Works. It took around 4 months of work here and there and at last it's done! I was inspired to teach myself to read japanese mostly because of this book. Then, of course there is a huge amount of anime out there they haven't brought here . . .

Some things sound very awkward, but I went in favor of a literal translation to keep the information intact, so bear with it, it's all here to within 95% accuracy, it just sounds funny.

The most difficult part was translating words the creators invented for science that doesn't exist. I had to wing it, and hopefully the gist of it comes across. This is a fan work, and for the fans who finally can read the book. 10 years ago, the game came out, and people have been awed ever since then by the depth of the story. Many are still talking about the finer points of the plot today, and most wish for a redo for the game itself. As the Perfect Works makes clear, the game was incomplete, even the creators admit as much in the book. And a sequel is very needed to do the overarching story justice. But it's been 10 years, and the likelihood of that is remote.

The game was perhaps not the right venue for a story of this magnitude and it's plainly obvious from this book that they were still hashing out facts right up to the game's publication.
An unfinished masterpiece.
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