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  • Terrorist Threat Level and a folder
  • LHC cam, and a folder
  • Traffic Cam
  • Calendar
  • Log and trash size
  • Twitter updates
  • Processes
  • Date day and time
  • Current News
  • Uptime and a folder
  • Weather - More indepth
    And External IP
  • Working analog clock
  • Hard drive Capacity
  • IP
  • WIFI

Geektool Desktop - DataTech Brushes - Geek tool

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My desktop, used the brushes from the datatech desktop, made it work for me, then slightly modified and colored. I then put a huge crap load of geektool scripts on it. :) Scroll over parts to see what they are... But I am sure I missed something.
ALL the scripts are on www.ThemeMyMac.com/?p=12

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  1. the Mans Big Brother 74 months ago | reply

    That is beautiful, man.

    You used geektool for all of it?

  2. nicolesboots 74 months ago | reply

    wicked awesome to look at
    but it seems like it's too crowded to be convenient/usable?

  3. happymonkofdoom 73 months ago | reply

    Geektool for all of it but the clock.
    And I only look at certain areas :)

  4. happymonkofdoom 73 months ago | reply

    Oh, FYI all the scripts are on Thememymac.com plus some more :)

  5. Ouch2x4 73 months ago | reply

    where the wallpaper from?

  6. happymonkofdoom 73 months ago | reply

    I made this one with some data tech brushes.

  7. MacTipsPodcast 72 months ago | reply

    Could you please upload the background somewhere? I LOVE it.

    Also, not to be stupid, but what are "Data Tech Brushes?"

  8. happymonkofdoom 72 months ago | reply

    Uhm, Data tech brushes are for photoshop, just some really nice photoshop brushes :)

  9. fnurl 71 months ago | reply

    I am sort of also lacking in photoshop brush skills.. where can I find the brush set? I tried googling but came up empty handed.

  10. happymonkofdoom 71 months ago | reply

    Sorry, the brushes are called Z-Design :P
    It was used on a desktop called DataTech... Which I liked :)

  11. stweedy 70 months ago | reply

    crazy. looks like some batman thing or something.

  12. exposure21 69 months ago | reply

    pls release a wallpaper ;)

    Found in a search. (?)

  13. RISE_ONE 65 months ago | reply

    Where did u find the data tech brush???
    I gotta know, this is what i been searching for!!!

  14. Jay Rajamanickam 65 months ago | reply

    Hi, This is an excellent screen shot and tips for customization of the Mac. I would like to have this great photo added to my group called I am a Mac!, This public group is dedicated for best Mac related photos.

    Thanks in advance! Jay.

  15. jvdgoot 50 months ago | reply

    Wow, how do you get anything done? I'd get constantly distracted by all the pretty lights.

  16. d31tcjg 41 months ago | reply

    Could you give me a dl link or a way to make my desktop look like that?

  17. -Please Enter Username- 40 months ago | reply

    do you have the wallpaper with the brushes and edited colors for us to download?
    i really like this "theme" and i want it for my mac too

  18. mstashev 31 months ago | reply

    The link doesn't exist anymore. Could you put up a new one?

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