Friends in Time
Photography by Rob Damiano:

This model was built for the "Best of LEGO Friends" contest on LEGO's Rebrick website. I originally made this back in the Spring to take to Philly BrickFest, and I took it with me to BrickFair Virgina, where it became a semifinalist in the contest.

My goal with this display was to take the Friends theme in a different direction while still retaining the spirit of the theme. "Friends in Time" depicts an early 1900s camping scene, complete with a lively picnic, fishing, catching butterfiles and a circa 1912 Ford Model T meandering through the woods.

Getting the covered bridge to sit diagonally was probably the most challenging part of the build. It was also interesting using existing Minidoll parts and minifigure accessories to make early 20th Century Friends figures. I also had a lot of fun playing with color.
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