Batman: Mini Battle for the Batcave
A micro-scale take on the caped crusader's underground lair, hidden underneath Wayne Manor. There are lots of neat little details and play features including the following:

1. 5 main microfigs: Batman, Robin, Alfred, Joker & Harley Quinn
2. 4 pint-sized vehicles: Batmobile, Batboat, Batwing & Joker's I-Scream Truck

Actual Play features include:
1. Batwing: working missiles
2. Joker's I-Scream Truck: doors fold to reveal hidden guns
3. Glow-in-the-dark stars
4. Modularity: Wayne Manor section can be removed from Batcave
5. "Batramp" clips to side of Batcave, allowing for Batmobile to make a swift departure.
6. Batboat dock hidden behind secret door shaped like Batman's head.
7. Batwing landing area
8. "Lock-up" area with working cell door, designed to keep the joker at bay. (located in Batwing landing area)
9. Bruce Wayne/Batman transformation chamber behind waterfall.

Other details:
1. Brick-built bat signal
2. Trophy room with: T-Rex, giant penny and giant joker card.
3. Control area with two swivel chairs and main screen featuring the Joker's face.
4. Though not playable, there is actually a corridor which runs from the trophy area to the Wayne/Batman transformation area behind the waterfall.
5. Utility-belt border
6. Green clown hair shade trees!

Phew...That was a mouthful. :-)

If you'd like to see it become a set, please support it on LEGO Ideas!

Now known as "Mini Battle for the Batcave," this is a collaborative project between project between LEGO Ideas users, BrickadierG (Model Design), omarovalle (Graphic Design), and mreilly44 (Video).
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