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-the French word means "to increase in intensity, power, influence or prestige."


This suit was made last night after putting bricks in my mouth... I mean, it was built for the "Put Your Bricks Where Your Mouth Is" contest held by the Classic Space forum. It is how I would design a space set. There are 146 pieces including minifig. Enjoy.




The torso is a motorcycle piece. The thin plastic where the minifig legs connect to the motorcycle chassis is the only thing linking the top and bottom of this mech. It's extremely rigid while having the desired minimalist look. It does sacrifice latitudinal rotation because it's one big block of motorcycle. However it does have vertical rotation thanks to the two studs on the back of the motorcycle connected to a 4 sided modified brick.


I'm not sure if other mech builders have tried hands like these, but I like what came out. I wanted the chubby Hulk Buster digits rather than the typical clip fingers. The wrist is just three of and can bend up and down. Feel free to use the design to your heart's content. I like how the ring around the shoulder turned out;


I was able to retain the shape of a complete ring without sacrificing arm freedom. The arm looks like it's floating? That's because it's super flexible. ^_^


That was a long description. As my favorite French chef Jacques Pepin says, "Happy cooking."

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Taken on May 29, 2009