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My homemade dwarf hamster mix | by tina_6500
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My homemade dwarf hamster mix



Ingredients: (not yet sorted by %)

small seeds: - these should be the main part of a dwarf food

seven (7) sorts of millet: proso millet, yellow, red, sawa, and some more that I have not been able to translate into English and don't know the latin names of either

niger seed / black seed


sesame seed

linseed / flax

canary seed

several different sorts of grass seeds (if you do buy grass seeds make sure they are for animal consumption and not mixed with fertilizer! Often grass seeds are mixed with fertilizer to be "ready to sow". Please also note that there have been some reported cases on UK forums where dwarfs had cheek pouch punctures from grass seeds and it is not clear why - on German forums most people feed grass seeds to their dwarfs but we have no reported cases of problems. So until the reason is found you should probably err on the safe side and not feed grass seeds.)

weed seed mix

rosehip seed

salad seed

milk thistle seed

stinging nettle seed

chicory seed

carrot seed

radish seed

spinach seed


bigger seeds and grains: (less than smalls seeds)


mung beans

durra (sorghum bicolor) and milo (sorghum)



hemp seed



animal protein: (literature reports amounts between 10% and 40% consumed in nature, depending on species and area)

dried shrimp (gammarus)


dried grasshoppers

bombyx mori larvae


dried flowers and herbs:

dandelions (flowers and leaves)

daisys (flowers)


red clover flowers

dried alfalfa leaves/stems

ribworth leaves



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Taken on November 26, 2011