• bendy straw! bendy straw!
    *dancing bendy straw dance*
  • fuji's little nose was over here until i cropped it out. she <3's juice boxes too! :D!
  • rakka cooooodies! - auntnanny

juice box!

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hooray!! i <3 juice boxes because i'm a child.

(and i don't have to feel guilty about drinking them anymore because i can recycle juice boxes in seattle!)

  1. groc 116 months ago

    hur hur hur

  2. Rakka 116 months ago

    hee hee hee!

  3. groc 116 months ago

    I've gotta post my juice box collection now I guess...

  4. Rakka 116 months ago

    what?? you really have a juice box collection?


  5. Rakka 116 months ago

    those are nicer juice boxes than my spartan safeway apple juice juice box.

  6. groc 116 months ago

    and guess what?

    the cofrutos ones are from Tony's

  7. Korova Fartbar 116 months ago

    I hate to say that Seattle is slowly but surely rising in my estimation.
    And it's all your fault!

  8. bunchofpants 116 months ago

    Seriously--Men's pocky, juice box recycling, a monorail. Let's all move there. (We could have a commune!)

  9. leff 116 months ago

    Yeah, Commune! (by commune you mean we all have apartments in the same neighbourhood right? 'cause you better)

  10. bunchofpants 116 months ago

    Um, sure--but everyone would have to have the keys to everyone else's place, of course ...

  11. groc 116 months ago

    ...and renounce capitalism

  12. Sun Spiral 116 months ago

    and drink juice

  13. Janet is really Cool! 116 months ago

    OO, my favorite juice comes in a box, Must buy some simply to scan! Excellent excuse . . .

  14. auntnanny 116 months ago

    tony sells juice boxes too?

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