• Yum! Yum! I really would like a piece. Cheese is so expensive here... - Mayleur
  • Maybe you should consider becoming a dairy farmer - you could make a lot of money!


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Recovering from wisdom tooth extraction, watching an Anthony Bourdain show set in France, I was inspired to get out my French sets.
I find the grater funny in this set, 'cause I don't think any of these cheeses would ever be grated...!

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  1. Grana Padano! 60 months ago | reply

    I love that show!!!
    That's a great point you made about the grater! Too funny! XD
    Hope you recover soon!
    Lovely pic! :D

  2. Swellanor 60 months ago | reply

    Yum yum! Great details in this shot!

    Maybe in the Re-ment world "Golgonzola" is a hard grating cheese. . .

  3. sola.gurl 60 months ago | reply

    I love Anthony Bourdain too! He's just rad! Funny about that grater, yeah. :P

  4. annesstuff 60 months ago | reply

    Excellent composition!

  5. sweetiecat13 60 months ago | reply

    Moo~ooo~! I love Cheese! Espically cheesecake! Please make 1 for me? heeheehee....

  6. bienemaya 60 months ago | reply

    Thanks for the kind comments, everyone!

    - I feel much better today, thank you!
    My hubs stayed home from work to take care of me and we watched *6* Bourdain shows on Netflix on demand! I didn't even know he had made the shows - I just always liked his book. There was one show on his home state of New Jersey, and they went into Mitsuwa - even went up to the toy aisle, and I was waiting on the edge of the couch for a shot of Re-ment, but no - only lots of Hello Kitty :)

    - that's hilarious!! I guffawed out loud and almost dislodged the cotton swabs in my mouth.

    - I love him! I didn't know how much until I saw his shows...

    - thank you! That's very nice feedback!

    - Hee hee! I've never made one! I could try, but then I'd have to freeze dry it or something, so it could make it safely to Singapore!

  7. sweetiecat13 60 months ago | reply

    hahahaha LOL! My country is a HOT City! I think by the time it reaches here...became..... CHEESESHAKE! >__<

  8. bienemaya 60 months ago | reply

    An extra-fermented cheeseshake! Ha ha! That would probbly be considered a heath food because of the enzymes!

  9. Grana Padano! 60 months ago | reply

    Glad to hear that you feel better! :D
    I just saw the New Jersey one last weekend! But I think I missed that part!!! Bummer!

  10. [Stu] ... 50 months ago | reply

    ymm...i want to try it

  11. BlueisCoool 41 months ago | reply

    Nice capture !

  12. elfinity 41 months ago | reply

    congrats on getting featured in Flickr blog! ( I wonder if they realize it's actually 1/6 scale and inedible cheese ^_^ )

  13. bienemaya 41 months ago | reply

    Wow! Thanks! (Now I go off to see what Flickr Blog is...)

  14. bienemaya 41 months ago | reply

    Oh, yum - all that cheese!
    - I wonder the same thing!

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