UnderneaTh it aLL...

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    1. JourneyToNoWhere ages ago | reply

      looking at the title of this picture it reminds me of
      No Doubt song which is called "Underneath It All" ;-)

    2. Wind LaSS ages ago | reply

      Songs ....Poems and pRose- wHat's the sTory Nagen??

    3. JourneyToNoWhere ages ago | reply

      a way of communicating...dont u think its very interesting?

    4. Wind LaSS ages ago | reply

      Yes ,but you didN't coMMunicaTe tHis wAy eaRLier...wHat's diFFerent nOw..?
      Made fRiends wiTh pOets and sOng- wRiters??
      Like it tho'!

    5. JourneyToNoWhere ages ago | reply

      just wanna try something different ;-)

    6. Wind LaSS ages ago | reply

      PleaSe caRRy on wiTh it.... i reaLLy eNjoy the cReative pRoceSS and it's aPPreciaTion...tHanx for sHaring NagZ [ =))

    7. JourneyToNoWhere ages ago | reply

      hmm...i can see you are performing "mind reading" am i rite?
      and y did you change the title?

    8. Wind LaSS ages ago | reply

      Why do say that?(a LittLe bit of 'mind reading,' mmmmmmmm,yes uRe rite)-cuZ i'm enjoying youR eXpLanations, waNNa kNow pLeeez,hih!

    9. Wind LaSS ages ago | reply

      (The oRiginaL on my coMputer had that siLLy titLe sAVed with it- meaN to say that it haPPened by miStake wHen i was saVing and upLoading the image....)

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