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Worldview (109/365) | by andrewrennie
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Worldview (109/365)

I was listening to one of my favourite podcasts today, a show called Stand To Reason. It was an old episode for a few years ago and the host, Greg Koukl, started out talking about how the Dalai Lama had been critical of Richard Gere's acting and the emotions that he portrays in the movies. He was also then critical of Gere's photography. Richard Gere claimed it was in the style of Goya but the Dalai Lama said that it was rubbish because the shots were just out of focus and not sharp.


Greg Koukl's point was that it was ironic for a man who's religion says that reality is all an illusion to criticise one person's depiction of reality in a blurred photo.


We all have our own worldviews. Your worldview is important. It shapes how you view your experience. In our relativistic post-modern society the concept of absolute truth is disregarded as being an outdated idea, however there must be truth to make sense of what happens in the world.


Imagine that your worldview is like a roadmap. If you set out on the road only to discover that the map is wrong then you need to try another option. Similarly, world views either tell the truth and reflect your experience or they don't reflect your experience in which case the world view cannot be true.


The idea of absolute truth may seem outdated, but there has to be some absolute truth. If you claim that there is no absolute truth, is that an absolute truth?

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Taken on April 19, 2010