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Northern Mockingbird with chick | by jeffloomis1
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Northern Mockingbird with chick

Last week I was sitting in the car eating lunch with the windows down and I heard some baby birds begging for food. I didn't recongnize the call, but when two Mockingbirds showed up, each carrying food, the mystery was solved. The nest was not very high off the ground, but it was burried deep in the thickest part of a young spruce tree. The chicks were hunkered down except when food arrived, Then they stretched their skinny necks hoping for a morsel.


Yesterday, I went back to the same spot and the chick had moved to the next tree over. With wobbly legs and stubby wings it was all they could do just to stay on their perch. The parents continued to bring food repeatedly. Today, I noticed that they seemed alot more stable and were even able to fly a short distance. Its amazing how fast they grow. This one is again begging for food, even though the parent had just feed him a plump berry. You can see the parents head is wet from berry juice and from sticking its head into the mouth of the chicks.

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Taken on June 20, 2012