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Basic Survival | by ZORIN DENU
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Basic Survival

I am always surprised when I learn that people have not stored some kind of emergency supplies. This represents what I think would be the bare minimum for 2 people, for three days. Most off the shelf canned goods are good for 3-5 years depending on what they are. Freeze dried food packs are good for 8 - 10 years, depending on brand. Here is a simple list that would be a good start, some items are not represented in the picture


1. Water, water is probably the most important item on the list, make sure you have enough for drinking and food prep.


2. A firearm, In the picture I have a basic 22 rifle, you can hunt small game with it, the ammo is very cheap, and it can also be used to protect yourself, and your supplies from the “Bad people”


3. Food, You can go the MRE route, I have some. But like I said canned goods store well, and have long shelf lives.


4. A good flashlight, it really doesn’t matter which brand you prefer, but a good 2 D cell LED Mag-light is a good investment, make sure you go to Costco and stock up on some batteries!


5. A Radio, Something with a weather band is a good choice.


6. A well stocked First Aid kit.


7. Lantern and Candles, These are great for long term lighting.


8. You should have a deck of cards! LOL Trust me nothing helps pass the time like cards!


9. Warm Clothes


10. A Swiss Army Knife, because they are SO useful!


This list is very basic, and of course different climates and areas may require specialized items.


But like I always say “Be ready, Or be DEAD!”


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Taken on June 15, 2011