Chick-fil-A "Appreciation Day" in Oxnard, California - August 1, 2012

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    This is not in any way "hate" related. It is to encourage our Constitutionally supported Freedom of Speech and Freedom of religion. And, the concept of Government telling us where and why they will allow business to occur in our country should be stopped in its path. They have crossed over the line. Even very poor people shouldn't put up with the likes of Rahm Emmanuel.


    1. URY914 31 months ago | reply

      Agree 100%

    2. ollie_captured 31 months ago | reply

      Thank you for the post! It's not very often that the silent majority speaks up.

    3. Cobalt Blues 31 months ago | reply

      "You’ll notice that very rarely are they actually making an argument. They’re strictly focused on trying to shame and deflect criticism because they can’t actually argue their position. That’s because, as turd-addled as their brains are, even they can see that their actual arguments are laughably weak. No wonder they just want to stop making them and are demanding the right to just hate without having to actually make a defense of it." - Amanda Marcotte @ Pandagon.

    4. mlangsam2004 31 months ago | reply

      You are very amusing. Crude, crass, typical yet entertaining.

    5. mlangsam2004 31 months ago | reply

      "These people are NOT homophobes. These people are NOT protesting the LGBT community. These people are NOT intolerant. These people are NOT closed minded. These people are NOT evil. These people are NOT bigots....

      ...These people are NONE of the things that those on the left are so fond of calling them in the name of tolerance and that includes all the pejorative, vile names they have launched at women who don’t follow their ideology.
      These people had 3 days to decide what to do for lunch or dinner on Wednesday, August 1st 2012.
      Only 3 days...
      Now…November 6th, 2012…THAT’S a different matter all together.

      You see, liberals, come November 6th, 2012…These people will have had a full 4 YEARS to decide and let’s face it…Choosing the direction and future of this great nation is a WHOLE lot more important that deciding on a great chicken sandwich.
      These people…are…VOTERS." Craig Andresen on August 2, 2012

    6. Cobalt Blues 31 months ago | reply

      Typical Bigot - in denial & thinks that everyone else is there for their entertainment.

      A parade of bigots engaged in a public display of bigotry and paying for the privilege for said public display of how proud of their homophobia they are by plugging their colons and clogging their arteries and fouling their synapses while in the full knowledge that they're shelling out money for an organization that gives money to outfits that work to exclude LGBT folks from the social contract in the USA and actually kill them in other parts of the world.

      Chick-fil-A-Holes. Every last one of you.

    7. mlangsam2004 31 months ago | reply

      Is it the name Chick-fil-A that you don't like? Why don't you protest In N Out burger. Oh, that name fits. Yeah you guys are amusing! Like you say "Chick-fil-A-Holes. Every last one of you." There are many of us - and?

    8. Cobalt Blues 31 months ago | reply

      ...and please keep scarfing down the no-fiber, sugar, salt & fat saturated crap and take yourselves out of the picture, Chick-fil-A-Holes.

      BTW, "In N Out" referred to the quick turnaround time of service, but I suppose such a point is lost on a middle-aged arrested adolescent who still thinks that "Beavis & Butthead" was a model to live by instead of a cautionary tale, regardless of how much internet access he has. Why bother doing a little reading / research when willful ignorance tastes so much better, right bigot?

    9. mlangsam2004 31 months ago | reply

      Thanks Mark, I know he/she is trying to get a rise out of me. That is why I have been giving cutesy remarks back. I still chuckle at my Chick (fil-A) name that gays hate, but they don't go after In N Out (burgers) because that name fits. No wonder most like donkeys (Democrat symbol) because the other name for a donkey, mule, burro is an @$$, hmm? In N Out name good - but they share a love for scripture as Chick (fil-A).

    10. URY914 31 months ago | reply

      I can't wait to vote, I wish the election was tomorrow.

    11. Cobalt Blues 31 months ago | reply

      Hey, I'm thrilled that the bigots are exorcising their Freedom of Speech out in public for all to see - it eliminates the guesswork of who the bigots are and gives the non-bigots a free sample of what public bigotry looks like. Seeing how angry bigots get (you know they're pissed when they bold and/or all-cap everything) when they get called out for engaging in a public display of bigotry is good for a laugh or two.

      So please - for the good of the country - please keep being loud & proud about your bigotry. Freedom n'all that, plus it makes you easier to spot. We're very grateful for your compliance w/ our request to be honest & open about how bigoted you are.

    12. ollie_captured 31 months ago | reply

      Loud and proud? Not so much. If they wanted to be loud and proud, perhaps they should wear a rainbow flag, the girls could talk and walk like men and the men could talk and walk like girls, cuz that's natural....oops the bigots can't do that, it's already being done. You make Darwin proud Mr Cobalt.

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