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Video Footage & Slide Show of our joint Lego Route 66 Desert Layout @ Lego Convention Bricky Way 2018 in Györ / Hungary

Music title used in this video:


Song title: Chasin’ It

Musician: Jason Shaw

Creative Commons Licence CC-BY



This video is the result of my first attempts with the video editing software Vidiot, which is available as freeware.

Video footage from onboard my train taken with ER0L’s cell phone; other videos taken with my Nikon D3200.



Route 66 back on track @ Lego Convention Bricky Way 2018


General Description : ER0L’s, Gábors and my second shot at a joint Lego Route 66 desert layout


ER0L’s (left) section:

- Moving bus & police command vehicle,

- V8-Diner,

- Wedding Chapel,

- Pump Jack and TX Fuels Utility Pick-Up Truck,

- cars,

- cacti and plants in new green tones.



Gábor’s (middle) section:

- Car Repair Shop & Scrap Yard,

- scrap cars,

- Mobile Trailer Home.



My (right) section:

- Mojave Inn Motel,

- Lerner Airfield Memorial,

- all semi trucks & two pick-up trucks,

- CN & CITGO freight train,

- Side road and railway crossing with road markings,

- cacti & other vegetation in good old green.


Each of us contributed to common layout features such as the R66 modules, telegraph masts, sand-colored base-plates, train tracks, etc.; all of us chose plenty of individual decoration features in addition.


Orange and red convertibles in my section made & owned by ER0L.



The text I proposed for our MOC card at Bricky Way 2018:

(Somewhat adapted and translated into Hungarian by Gábor)


“Just as the movie title, “Planes, Trains & Automobiles” were what brought Gábor Horvath, Marcus Paul (AKA “ER0L”) and Steffen Kasteleiner (AKA “Buff83ST”) together during their first intermezzo at a Lego Convention called “Zusammengebaut 2016” in Borken, Hessen, Germany. As avid fans of American roadside scenery and culture, set into the more arid regions of America’s Western deserts, this time, they are displaying an extension of their strip of the famous Route 66 with its array of typical sights a driver might come across on a long-distance ride out West: an iconic, roadside “V8 Diner”, a Wedding Chapel, a working Pump Jack conveying some of America’s “Black Gold”, a Car Repair Shop and its Desert Scrapyard, a desolate Mobil Home, the somewhat spacey Mojave Inn Motel at an intersection, and an aviation-related monument to Lerner Airfield as displayed in Borken in the year 2016.

Set into the joint layouts are loads of iconic American cars, trucks and some North American freight train equipment, as the railroad topic is more prominent at Bricky Way 2018’s layout than it had been before in Borken.

Some of the cars can “magically” move, and as the lights go out, a few things are going to shine brightly in the dark blue desert night sky…




Among the builders’ motivations were the desire to create in Lego some of their dreams, fantasies and favorite notions and clichés of the American West and convey them into their builds, to build something realistic and yet playable, to include lighting and functionalities in manifold and interesting, sometimes less conventional ways.




What they call the “Large City Scale” – a way of building significantly larger than any traditional Lego City scales are typically designed in – allows the builders to optically enhance the differences in size and dimensions of vehicles, trains and buildings to what they consider as close to realistic as possible.



(“Studs Not On Top”) techniques are being used widely, but not exhaustingly by the three builders, who are not afraid to show some studs here and there. Especially landscaping works quite well with studs.


Building Time


This is very hard to determine, as certain builds have been around way before the event, and others have been built more specifically for the opportunity of Bricky Way 2018. However, the decision to have a joint layout together in Hungary was made a good year ago.”


Thanks for looking!

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Uploaded on April 14, 2018