Winter Beech

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    This has been highly commended in the Take a View, Landscape Photographer of the Year competition 2012


    One of my favorite places...

    A link to my picture of this place in Autumn

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    1. KUEN-CHERNG 14 months ago | reply

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      My eye goes wild!
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    2. jenny downing 14 months ago | reply

      Superb composition!!

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    3. globalrain 14 months ago | reply

      Your photo was viewed in Vision Quality 10 000 ...!!!
      Thank you for sharing your vision...!!!

    4. Per Ola Wiberg ~ powi 13 months ago | reply

      Wonderful picture !!

      Thank you for sharing it with us in:
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    5. farissshafee II 8 months ago | reply

      beautiful nature

    6. Pam Sutton Photography 2 months ago | reply

      Inside the quiet forest of Perthshire, Scotland on a crisp, cold, winter day a man walks leisurely among the mammoth Beech trees, their sturdy trunks gnarled and gripping the earths floor stretch out before him. They extend a welcoming invitation to come explore their magical wonderland.
      Angus, no stranger to these woods as he has photographed ( his friends the Beech) on many occasion. With keen aesthetic awareness, he observes the soft dusting of white powdery snow, blanketing the once vibrantly colored leaves that adorned these large now barren branches. The scene is pristine, undisturbed, only a warm foggy golden light beams in the far distance.
      I've found the perfect moment to capture this most breathtaking landscape, Angus' heart whispers and with one click of the camera's shutter a masterful work of Art is born!

      To me this image expresses your deep affinity with wood. A love that is visual, tactile and everlasting, that resides deep within your very soul. Not only are you a master landscape photographer but an artisan of woodturning that is an art form like no other. I am in awe of your talents!!

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    7. Nick Boren Photography 2 months ago | reply

      Such an outstanding composition and the lighting and mood are divine Angus. :-)

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    8. michael hsien 2 months ago | reply

      i love the perspective,fantastic shot.

    9. coyrooster 2 months ago | reply

      There's a sense here of seeing just a portion of the highly symbolic World Tree, also known as Axis mundi, connecting heaven and earth and all life forms. The powdered branches stretch beyond our vision, and the roots go deeper than we can fathom. The image invites us to stand quite still on a carpet of dying leaves until we feel the sacred silence of this tree. Bravo.

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    10. Khun Hans Photography 2 months ago | reply

      What a perfect composition. Love it.

    11. max tuta noronha 2 months ago | reply

      Among the tall trees of a beautiful Scottish forest a man walks
      with his camera. Ania, walks behind, wrist, back, everything working fine, and she says:
      If you don't comment on this beautiful photo, I'll tell the brown bear where Max is.
      So, here I'm, amazed by all of this beauty.
      I loved Scotland, the light there was amazing, I'm longing to go back, but, there is a but; in a nice sunny warm day.
      I hate the cold.
      Fantastic shot dude, great comp. as well.
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    12. Ania.Photography 2 months ago | reply

      What a beauty and tranquility of this magical forest in winter. Fascinating giant trees and a wonderful subtle lighting Angus.
      A visual delight!

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    13. Flick'gAbility 2 months ago | reply

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      Not surprising at all that this image received commendation at a competition. The perspective and composition are outstanding! The twistiness comes through very well in both the near and the distant trees, and is such an element of this image. The light on the near trunk seems to make it glow. The use of the longish exposure is clever. Great mood overall, of course!

    14. ~anup PHOTOGRAPHY~ 6 weeks ago | reply

      nice low down pov and composition...beautiful tones my friend

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