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Batman Needs a Shake | by trekriffic
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Batman Needs a Shake

Parked at Mel’s Drive-in, Robin orders a Dynamic Duo, Mel's special burger and fries. Batman opts for a Caped Crusader shake.

The orange beehived carhop stops cracking her gum long enough to speak...

“Mel says your money’s no good here Batman. You guys want anything else from the menu? It’s on the house.”

Robin fairly leaps out of his seat!

“I’d like a Mr Freeze Cone for dessert!”

Batman shoots Robin a disapproving look.

“No young lady we’ll pay our way just like any other good citizen of Gotham City. Please tell Mel we appreciate his offer though.”

She shrugs before turning and skating back to the kitchen window. Several young patrons exit the cafe to oggle at the Batmobile and its occupants...

Robin is chagrined.

“Holy Dessert Denial Batman! Couldn’t you keep your mouth shut just this once?!”

Batman is taken aback.

“I’ll chock your insolent tone up to having consumed too much sugar already today.

But not to worry old chum, I’ll gladly buy you a Mister Freeze Cone.”

Robin’s mood brightens instantly..

“Gee thanks Batman! You’re swell!”

Batman nods as he motions the carhop to the door of the Batmobile.

“Please add one Mister Freeze Cone to our order.”

“What flavor?”, she asks.

“Joker’s Mint!”, blurts Robin.

“Got it!”, she says and rolls over to the next car.

Batman and Robin nod and smile at the Ooooohs and Aaaaahs elicited from the local high-schoolers as they shared a relaxing moment.


Yes, a nice drive in the country had been just what they'd needed...


Image of my 1/24 scale '66 Batmobile, courtesy of Bud Brewster over on the All Sci-Fi forum.

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Uploaded on September 9, 2019