Dying for an apple - Day 187 of Project 365

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    I was really clutching at straws today, for the first time in...6 months (struth!) I didn't take my camera with me. I think I know how a woman feels without a handbag now! Anyway, I was browsing the 365 community forum and I came across eeicenbice's apple photo. I innocently commented the first thing that came to mind and continued browsing. Next I tripped over Patchworkbunny and her Heptagon/Septagon shot, where she just happened to mention The Rouge Players theme of the day Hypothetcal corpses.... et viola

    You see apples contain cyanide...its true. I'm one of those people who eat the whole apple (stalk and all if I don’t have a dustbin) so death by apple is hypothetically bound to happen to me one day.. Ok the amount of cyanide is so small it wouldn’t even harm a mouse... but it's still cyanide, and it happend to Snow White :P

    Cheers to EB and PB for subconsciously contributing to this shot, their photostreams can be a gerat source of inspiration :D

    Lightroom: White balance by eye, crop to centralise the apple, increase exposure by 1 stop (oops!) use the brush tool to slightly desaturate my fingers, very slight vignette (although most of it comes from the lens), USM sharpen, save to JPG

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    1. Shadrach Christopoulos [deleted] 63 months ago | reply

      What a great idea! Welcome to The Rogues!

      Seen in a discussion of the group "The Rogue Players" (?)

    2. toaster.cat 63 months ago | reply

      Aha! This confirms all of my terrible suspicions about apples (and is an awesome photo to boot).

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    3. curiousillusion 63 months ago | reply

      What a great shot! Really love this idea, and I had no idea about the cyanide!

      Seen in the group"365 Community" (?)

    4. suzi.stäheli 63 months ago | reply

      Ahhh you're one of those weirdos who eats the entire apple, eh? :P

      Nice shot. Great DOF

    5. eeicenbice 63 months ago | reply

      hilarious! glad i could give you some inspiration...! i take that as a complement as i find myself uninspiring most days :) just don't eat a whole bag of apples and you'll probably be fine.

    6. boxers 999 63 months ago | reply

      Thats really good, love the detail on the floor.

    7. Indie Photos 63 months ago | reply

      I'm glad to see you broke your cherry or er apple on my day. Great shot and thanks for playing.

    8. greendragonflygirl 63 months ago | reply

      All that talk about fruit being good for you - blown to pieces in one photo!
      Welcome to The Rogues and thanks for giving us a new standard to live up to- excellent photo and great description!!

    9. patchworkbunny 63 months ago | reply

      This is great, I'm glad I inspired you! Playing dead is harder than it looks! Is cyanide one of those poisons that slowly builds up in the system (like selenium)?

      Seen next to a fellow photo of the group "365 Community". (?)

    10. patchworkbunny 63 months ago | reply

      Back to let you know, you've been blogged :)

      http://365-community.blogspot.com/ (?)

    11. light_arted 63 months ago | reply

      Great idea for a picture Matt

      Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

    12. purplemattfish 63 months ago | reply

      aparently there is more in almonds and cherrys...I just dont fancy eating those pips!
      guilty as charged :D
      What can I say you are my inspiration and I will try not to eat a whole bag :)
      the floor has a great texture but its a real pain to keep clean as it tears mops to pieces.
      wow blogged cheers :D I dont think cyanide is a cumlative poison in small doses it just gets lost in the system and broken down, in fact I think you build up an immunity to it. But once you hit a tipping point then there iss no cure... :(

    13. ry-o-vision 63 months ago | reply

      well, at least you didn't find any razor blades. RIP.

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    14. morberg 63 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the back story, that was an interesting read. Great image too.

      http://365-community.blogspot.com/2009/02/community-at-work.html (?)

    15. Judi FitzPatrick Studio 63 months ago | reply

      Fantastic shot and great idea on how to become inspired!

      http://365-community.blogspot.com/2009/02/community-at-work.html (?)

    16. miriness 63 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called www.flickr.com/groups/946594@N25/, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    17. massi2403 63 months ago | reply

      Germination might represent more a painful way to go though! ;-)

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