Lake Mendota Cyanobacteria Bloom, Jun 27, 2018
"Why is cyanobacteria a problem?
When blue-green algae grows too quickly it can deplete oxygen in the water, cause fish die-offs, close beaches and even release toxins." Clean Lakes Alliance

1. Cyanobacteria can deplete oxygen
Cyanobacteria may grow so fast (often called a “bloom”), that they turn entire shorelines green or rise to the surface in huge, stinking mats. Blooms of cyanobacteria can become so thick that they block sunlight at the surface of the lake. Without sunlight, photosynthesis stops, which means no oxygen is released into the water. Dead bacteria sinks and decays, using up more oxygen in the process. Severe blooms can completely deplete oxygen and cause dramatic fish kills.

2. Cyanobacteria may release toxins
True algae can grow problematically in our nutrient-rich lakes, but cyanobacteria blooms are of special concern because some species can produce potent toxins. It is impossible to tell whether a bloom is producing toxins without specialized tests, so it is best to stay out of the water when you see a bloom." Clean Lakes Alliance
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