M42 Orion Nebula in RGB + Narrowband

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The Hancock & D'Arienzo team presents Andy's D'Arienzo's version of M42, The Orion Nebula in the constellation Orion. Andy shot 3 hours and 40 minutes of hydrogen alpha + 3.5 hours of 0III using his FLI ML8300 Mono CCD on his TMB92SS Refractor at F4.4 from the Waning Crescent Observatory in Long Island New York, while I shot 2.5 hours of RGB using the Canon 5D Mark II at F7 on the TMB 130 Refractor from the DownUnder Observatory in Fremont, Michigan.

We each do our own processing when it comes to combining and post processing in photoshop using slightly different techniques and it gives me great pleasure to post Andy's version and a different perspective combining narrow band imaging with RGB on one of the most photographed and spectacular Nebulae in the winter night sky.
We hope you like this version.
Clear Skies
Terry & Andy

Terry's Location: Fremont, Michigan
Date of Shoot: 10th and 12th September 2010
Camera: modified Canon 5D Mark II
4x15 min sub exposures at 400ISO with flat and dark frames.
6x5 min sub exposures at 100ISO with flat and dark frames.
14x30 second sub exposures at 200ISO with flat and dark frames.
Scope: TMB130SS F7 Refractor using WO/TMB 2.7" Field Flattener.
Auto-guided with Orion Auto Guider on Stellarvue 10x60
Mount: Mountain Instruments MI-250 (pier mounted)
Image Acquired using Nebulosity II, stacked with Deep Sky Stacker, processed and re-sized with Photoshop CS3.

Andy's Location: Long Island, New York
Date of shoot: 19th November 2010
Camera: FLI ML8300 Mono CCD
FLI CFW 2-7 Filter wheel
11x20 minute sub exposures with hydrogen alpha filter
7x30 mniutes sub exposures with OIII filter
Scope: TMB 92ss F5.5 Refractor
At.8 Reducer
CGE Mount
Star shoot Autoguider
Borg Mini 50 Guidescope
Astronomik 50mm Round filters
Aquisition and Stacking: CCD Stack
Post processing: Photoshop CS/2

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  1. Terry Hancock www.downunderobservatory.com 35 months ago | reply

    Thank you Jan for the comments and for the invitations. Thank you everyone and especially my buddy Andy!!

  2. BCampbell Photography 35 months ago | reply


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  3. baba garments 33 months ago | reply

    entering into an unknown journey....which is eternal & full of mystries..

  4. Kathleen Andersen [deleted] 33 months ago | reply

    Fabulous work, Terry.

  5. AussieOutback 31 months ago | reply

    This Great Capture of Nature Deserves to be in Mother Natures Addict!

  6. Terry Hancock www.downunderobservatory.com 31 months ago | reply

    thanks everyone for the comments, nice to meet another aussie here too

  7. S.B Photography [deleted] 31 months ago | reply

    This is a Great Capture of Nature!

  8. Riccardo Brig Casarico 31 months ago | reply

    Molto bella ... complimenti !!
    un saluto,

    See my recent photo

  9. fractalSpawn 29 months ago | reply

    Congrats on the duet image! I can't barely get my images from two consecutive nights to line up and look good, much less two images from two different cameras, scopes, locations and nights. You and Andy are undoubtedly pros.

    It's obviously just me, but I'm not sure I like or feel it necessary to see the detail around the core other than the dark dust just in front of the trapezium. To me, it feels as if the image has been flattened, almost like when the core of a galaxy is processed to be a small star-like circle, rather than a huge source of energy radiating from the center. I appreciate all the detail that was captured (that's tough to do!), but having detail and using it are two different things. I dunno, I'm weird.

    Again, to finish the compliment sandwich, NICE WORK!

  10. Jaime Pulido 28 months ago | reply

    Really nice!!

  11. my soul 26 months ago | reply

    great work! what a joy to see!

  12. supersum (off) 20 months ago | reply

    simply stunning!

  13. grahamxx 16 months ago | reply

    Great work Terry. Only just added you as a contact. Hours of your stuff for me to go through and enjoy. Very impressed with your setup not to mention jealous :)

  14. Jude's Jewels 14 months ago | reply

    There's a real 3-dimensional sense to yours and Andy's photo. Makes me feel like I could 'walk' into it! I'm very thankful that you're sharing what you see through your incredible photos with the rest of us!

  15. JoeCow 10 months ago | reply

    Wonderful Images!! :) <3

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