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Australian trumpet snail (Syrinx aruanus) juvenile close up | by shadowshador
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Australian trumpet snail (Syrinx aruanus) juvenile close up

This is the largest living species of snail, The shell can get to the size of 75cm and with it's body out up to 95cm and weighing up to 18 kg.


Size approx of this one 12cm.


Australian trumpet snail (Syrinx aruanus) scientific classification.


Superdomain: Neomura

Domain: Eukaryota

(unranked): Opisthokonta

(unranked) Holozoa

(unranked) Filozoa

Kingdom: Animalia

Subkingdom: Eumetazoa

(unranked): Bilateria

(unranked): Protostomia

Superphylum: Lophotrochozoa

Phylum: Mollusca

Subphylum: Conchifera

Class: Gastropoda

Subclass: Caenogastropoda

Order: Neogastropoda

Superfamily: Turbinelloidea

Family: Turbinellidae

Subfamily: Turbinellinae

Genus: Syrinx

Species: S. aruanus

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Uploaded on February 18, 2015