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Jogger and Skeleton | by gyro2
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Jogger and Skeleton

I recently went for a body composition DEXA scan. I lay on a scanning table as a diffracted x ray beam passed through me.


The scan itself is painless and you don't leave glowing. You can wear anything you wish that does not have metal (zippers or buttons). The only thing is you have to remain still while the x ray arm passes over you. Any motion and the data becomes distorted. However, once the tech sees the scanner has reached your chest area, you are allowed to move your head.


Results: The first beam was absorbed by my bones and that's my skeleton on the left. Brighter areas correlate to stronger bones.


The rest of my packaging: skin, muscles, organs, even last night's dinner, is on the right and at 17.2% fat... I've a bit more jogging left to do!


The scan itself is very accurate and will pick up not only your natural insulation, but the fat that cushions your internal organs and even the marbling of your muscles.


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Taken on August 5, 2008