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'The Colour of LOVE' finished !

'LOVE'  WIP 1 'LOVE'  WIP 2 'LOVE' WIP 3 'LOVE' WIP 4 'LOVE' WIP 5 'LOVE' WIP 6 'LOVE' WIP 7 'LOVE' WIP 8 'LOVE' WIP 9 'LOVE' WIP 10 'LOVE' WIP 11 'The Colour of LOVE' finished ! 'The Colour of LOVE'  detail

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chickeemama says:

This is such an awesome piece you did such a wonderful job on it!!!
Posted 101 months ago. ( permalink )

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Basia L says:

it is impressing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 100 months ago. ( permalink )

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