step 5

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    Fill the crankcase with four U.S. quarts of oil (3.75 liters). I use full-synthetic oil in all my cars and to good result. Your mileage may differ.

    Clean up any spilled oil or you’ll be smelling it when the car warms up.

    Open the garage door and start the engine. The oil pressure gauge should register in the middle, or thereabouts. Leave the car running and inspect the filter area for leaks.

    Finding none, shut off the engine and wait a couple of minutes before closing the garage door. (If the oil filter leaked, but had been properly installed, it is defective and must be replaced. This is rare, but it happens).

    Check the oil dipstick – it should read at or near the “F” (full) mark. If it is between the marks, don't add any more. Over filling an engine with oil is a baaaaad thing.

    This is a good time to check the condition of the accessory belts and the levels of the coolant, power-steering fluid, brake fluid and washer fluid. Power steering fluid expands when hot, so if you’re checking it cold, it should be near the “L” (low) mark.

    If you have automatic transmission, you must check the fluid level hot, at 60-70 degrees C (140-160 degrees F), so you’ll have to do it another time.

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      Great photo!

      I used it on my blog and added a link back to this page. Here is a link if you want to check it out:

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      When i first started using and selling Mobil 1 back inthe early eightys it was good for and recemoned for up to 1K BUT CARS STILL UNDER WARNTEe YOU had to go by thier spics.

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      I saw your photo used in a Yahoo article on how often oil should be changed! Congrats!
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