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roses1 | by themondayproject
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“I was intrigued by the dramatic title of the theme, plus I quickly found that I was thinking of the phrase using “...And then” in it’s past tense. Anyway, I found that it was presenting me with a few challenges on how to illustrate the point of a change (from whatever to three)... At first I was tempted to do a six panel comic, but honestly stalled straight away, cause I actually hadn’t worked out what I wanted to say.


So I moved on to trying to work with iconic references and for some reason that defies all my senses, I got stuck on the romantic symbol of the rose. I guess I was interested in how people would see that relating to the phrase “...And then there was three.” Would people see it as meant to represent three chances left in a relationship, three chances of love yet to happen or three loves gone? So, that’s why there are the three roses, with one empty vial, to represent the change of something was different before.


All in all, I think it didn’t really work very well. Partly because I did during a quiet period at work, but unfortantly the desk is set up completely wrong for a little bit of quiet drawing, and after 20mins, I would end up with my back screaming in protest... But besides that, the drawing itself was a little too rough, probably due to me being without me having a clear idea of what I was actually trying to say. The one other thing that did pop into my head was what would happen if there was a series of pictures, all with three roses, but with the empty vial in different spot along the self. Would the positioning indicate a different story..? I don’t have hopes of actually sitting down and putting to the test, but I’ve become interested in the idea. (Ironically enough, it could be argued that my original panel idea was coming back into play).”


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Taken on August 4, 2008