2006-09-12/ 2009-08-15/2010-06-26 Aubeterre-sur-Dronne, église de Saint-Jacques, Charente, Poitou Charentes
The church of Saint-Jacques, consecrated in 1171, originally belongs to the Diocese of Périgueux. Frequented for centuries Jacquets way to Saint Jacques de Compostela, it is completely ravaged by Protestant extremists 13 and 14 May 1562, which hardly save its facade. The church is not recorded before 1710. The bell tower, a little behind, was built in 1860.
Several restoration campaigns have been undertaken in recent years to make his stamp on this iconic building, perched on a hill in the village interior restoration from 1965 (installation of new windows, repair walls and framing) and again in 1989 (roof of the aisles) rehabilitation outside parties from 1979 (restoration of the façade during until 1993). This work is complemented in 1994 by a development of the surroundings of the church (the creation of a green space and installation of projectors).
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