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Kicked me when I was down

- but what you say just don't hurt me, don't hurt me; no more.


Before anyone says that all of my pictures these days have taken place in feilds, I just want to say; I KNOW! I've been so obsessed with sunsets/feilds lately, and I just don't know how to let go. So here, yet again.. another feild shot. I kindof love it alot, to be honest. Besides the fact I look like hunchback! WHERE'S MY BELL! Lol, i'm honestly not funny at all.


I'm sortof in the mood to write today, so i've decided to do my 10 randon facts. Ready:

1. If I drink chocolate milk/hot chocolate too fast, I get the worst stomach ache

2. I can make my tounge look like a clover

3. Most of my pictures these days are taken with my Canon remote

4. I'm addicted to Tumblr now ( FOLLOW PLEASE!)

5. When i'm cuddling my boyfriend, I always kiss his nose

6. Every morning when I wake up, I have my cat on one side of me, and my dog on the other

7. I've learned this week that I cannot trust no one

8. As you can already tell, I'M OBSESSED with ripped jeans

9. I like cheese

10. I'm scared for the future


Do any of these relate to you? If so, tell me! I absolutly love conversation, and I'd love to hear from you :)

I'm going to finish editing these pictures.


Love always,

Chantel Baggley


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Taken on October 14, 2010