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Seeking the Answers | by abennett23
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Seeking the Answers



“When I photograph, what I'm really doing is seeking answers to things” – Wynn Bullock


Lately I am seeking answers about how to be creative in the final weeks of this project. After 350 or so images all taken close to the same time of day and close to the same spots I feel at a loss.


Speaking of an answer to yesterday’s multiple choice question:

Which one of the statements is NOT true?

1.I went to school for 18 years on the same campus.

This is TRUE, I went 12 years to an elementary, middle, and high school that was on a college campus that I also went to for my 4 year undergraduate and 2 year masters degree.

2.I gave a speech in Germany on my Honeymoon.

This is also TRUE, we spent 4 days in Bremen Germany before I had to travel to Zeven Germany for a 3 day Managers meeting. After the meeting we spent another week in Paris France.

3.I was hit by a car in 1st grade

Also True, I was not crossing in the crosswalk but he was speeding, I was thrown about 20 feet, knocked unconscious but had no broken bones.

4.I was knocked unconscious by an English Bulldog

This one is NOT TRUE, but it is almost true. My brother had an English bulldog that loved to play with basketballs, I had one in my hand and bent to pick something up at the same time “Barkley” (after Charles Barkley) jump to get the ball. His head connected with mine, his tooth cut my nose enough to require stitches and I staggered a bit but didn’t fall. I still think that is the hardest I have ever been “hit” including the car in first grade.

5.I won an online poker tournament with 2831 players

This is also True, it was at pokerstars but I don’t have a lot of time to play lately so I haven’t played much



Rocky Point, Concord Park

Knoxville Tennessee

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Taken on September 9, 2010