jirrupin eats the moon

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    Poor jirrupin did very well to follow my instructions "closer, lower, no too low - up! now squat a bit" etc. thank u! i think it worked well! i was struggling to think of a way to incoprerate the moon and a fork... but i think this is cool!

    Flickr meet, The Pinnacle 30/6/07

    Manual mode
    Canon 400D

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    1. David Windeyer ages ago | reply

      Great capture!

      Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

    2. Dimitris and Nancy ages ago | reply

      That's brilliant, plus it's tasty and good for you!

    3. versed apparatus [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Very funny photo! You're Welcome to share this photo with That's Funny! group.

    4. ..Bianca.. ages ago | reply

      Great shot Ally! Good on Jirrupin for being such a good sport, it made for a fantastic phot. So disapointed I couldn't make it! :-)

    5. pominoz ages ago | reply

      Women in control as usual

    6. Allyeska ages ago | reply

      wow - im amazed how much attention this shot has received. yes it did require jirrupin to be very patient with me as i bossed him around and tried to explain how to move his head and hand etc. he was very cooperative. thanks jirrupin!

      and thanks to everyone leveing comments :)

      so jirrupin - is it really made of cheese?! ;)

    7. Shoefitz ages ago | reply

      Nicely done...I am glad he didn't really eat it .... us Northerners would miss getting to see the moon when it's our turn! ;o)

    8. opposite space [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Hey what a great idea!!! Very creative and must have been fun (if not a little frustrating for the model) to shoot.
      The Nature Group

    9. beautiful shoe [deleted] ages ago | reply

      lol -clever!!

    10. freef0cus ages ago | reply

      hilarious! very creative

    11. TheDamnMushroom ages ago | reply

      "mmm, green cheese flavor..."

    12. Howling Moose ages ago | reply

      How fun! Great shot and great friend to endure the setting up process.

    13. Wade Rose ages ago | reply

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    14. Lou Star ages ago | reply

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    15. Barbie's By The Spirit ages ago | reply

      Very cool! What fun you have taking pictures!!

    16. rstoltz48 ages ago | reply

      Now that is different! Thanks for the inspiration.

    17. JanuaryLove ages ago | reply

      This is really fun! What a creative idea.

      Seen in a discussion of Thumbs Up Challenges. (?)

    18. jah~ ages ago | reply

      Clever. Very clever....

      OT: Thrush? Yikes!

    19. .mojo 97 months ago | reply

      that's awesome!

    20. bhashasy 97 months ago | reply

      excellent idea

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