Swans of Stanley Park - Photos
Below, is the former welcome on the swans' website (<a href="http://archive.theregalswan.com/stanley-park-swans.com/index.html") - In 2016, the remaining 3 were moved to a fine new home where they are enjoying "blissful retirement." We miss them dearly but are so grateful they're in such a good place.

The commentary below was written in 2005, when we had 14 swans

When you stroll along the shores of Lost Lagoon the graceful beauty of the Mute Swans (Cygnus olor) catches your eye as they glide elegantly across the water, but there is a dimension well beyond tht first glimpse that touches the heart and endears these proud birds to all who get to know them.

Myriad packaged descriptions of Mute Swans have long circulated, but as in all of Nature, they simply cannot be limited to one-dimensional characters (and they are definitely "characters" each in his/her own way).

I hope this collection of my photos of our swans taken over the years will bring you closer to this most special part of life at Lost Lagoon, and will delight as well as inform.

Vancouver's first Mute Swans came as a gift from England around 1889, but it wasn't until the 1950s that the population became established. Around that time, over 75 swans lived in both Beaver Lake and Lost Lagoon, with a few new birds added over the years as the original number dwindled.

Today, our precious swan family has decreased so we have only three left: Tristan , Bijan and Marika.
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