Under Observation
A Moleskine Notebook Novella in 39 Chapters

In the final days of September 2010, I experienced a spontaneous partially collapsed lung. The diagnosis resulted in an emergency procedure that kept me in the hospital overnight. The experience unnerved me and for weeks afterward I could not shake a profound awareness of my own mortality. Not knowing what to do with this feeling, but sensing that I needed to tackle it head on, I began a Moleskine notebook project that resulted in Under Observation.
The collages came first and in each case are built around photographs found through Google image searches. All of the images were manipulated and colorized using Adobe Photoshop. The surrounding collaging elements came from the usual places, old magazines, children’s books, etc.
The story came about organically and in response to whatever image happened to appear on a page. It was only after I had completed half of the book that I felt an obligation to fashion a narrative whole. Although it is in some sense a shaggy dog story, in the final analysis, the project was about the work itself and giving voice to the new awareness of uncertainty I was confronting.
This book was begun the first week of October 2010 and completed on Sunday, December 5, 2010.
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