Ash on Snow, Hugh Musick
This is the first iteration of a project that entails creating art on snow with powdered charcoal. The charcoal is organic and benign. All the images in the set were done on Christmas Day 2008 on the Chicago lakefront on the breakwaters around 3500 North.

The work explores the contrast of black on white and charcoal—a material rendered by fire—with snow—frozen water. These are ephemeral works that will change as the result of changes in temperature, the weather and encounters with humans.

Images included on Day 2 that was noticeably warmer.

An overnight warming on 12/26 melted all of the snow around the city and when checked the morning of 12/27 all of the works were gone with no traces of them to be found.

All works ©2008 Hugh Musick
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