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Timing is Everything

Tonight was one of those nights, while out house hunting, we had our camera gear with us, since we knew that sunset was not far in the future.

Little did we know, that a storm was also just on the horizon!


Just as the the last glow of the sunset was dimming, I heard what I thought was thunder.

I mentioned it, and we both then began to scan the sky....


So we jumped in the car intending to go home,

but as we turned the first street, a anvil crawler burst out in front of us, steaking the sky!!!

That was it, we were now scurrying to find a good place to shoot from!

But where do you go when all there is is highway, shops, and ...oh what was that road?

A little road that went off towards an open area...

well relatively open....right beneath the electric power towers!

Sounded like just the right place to shoot lightening from to us!


Setting up quickly, just as we were about to start, a car heads our way...thinking how cool it would be to have car light trails in the forground to a possible lightening strike, I released the shutter, and what do you know...timing was everything, cuz just as the shutter was about to close, this lightening lit up the tower ahead of us!

It was brilliant!


Can't tell you how many times we both were looking up to the sky and watching the tower nearest us, just a few meters away...crossing our fingers.....


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Taken on August 12, 2009