Glad to know you
A tribute to my darling, daring mother, Ms. Gladiola Flowers who died from complications of Multiple Sclerosis on 1/6/2013. Despite great physical challenges, she never let MS define her life, and her bravery, resilience and grace on this battlefield is legendary. She managed to live a rich, full life in just a half a room in a nursing home in Olympia WA. At age 83, she changed her name from "Gladys Robinson" to "Gladiola Flowers," and she continued to brighten every room she entered. She had the most eclectic taste in music and loved everyone from Beethoven, to Johnny Cash, Patti Smith and Black spirituals, to Tom Waits and Sarah Vaughan. I know she is dancing and singing her own tune somewhere because that is how she rolled!

I will periodically be adding more photos and artworks in coming weeks and months. Feel free to download as many as you like for personal use. If anyone has photos of Gladiola they would like to share here as well, please forward them to me with captions. Hi-rez photos for prints are available by contacting Jen at
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