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[Fail] - Once Upon A Time In Space | by Cuahchic
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[Fail] - Once Upon A Time In Space

Right, where do I start? Firstly, I am a determined guy so every MOC I have ever started I have finished. Sadly, this is my first failure, the reasons for which are discussed below.


My plan for this was to have a tribute to Sergio Leone called "Once Upon A Time In Space". It would involve a shootout, with all the classic Leone hallmarks (extreme close-up shots et al). I wanted a dark bley background so that the characters would stand-out. There would be another wall where the trans-red windows are shown, so the view facing South-West would be the "fourth wall".


Hopefully you will notice the minifig placed to give an idea of scale, and notice that the set is rather large. This is because the characters were a set of larger-than-minifig-scale robots (which I will photograph soon).


Where did it all go wrong I hear you ask? Well, it's not all bad, so let's start with what I liked. I thought the back wall, with futuristic fireplace and deer head above it was good. I also thought the LEGO stairs used as a repeatable background module worked well. The main showcase for me was the dark bley tracks used on the floor - I was hoping this would be something few would have seen before.


The reason this MOC failed was two-fold - firstly, I have spent a fair amount on sets recently (PoP and Star Wars mainly) and couldn't really justify the expense in purchasing the extra parts required for this MOC; secondly, I have a plethora of new ideas that I want to build that were almost burning a hole in the back of my head. I found myself thinking about the next projects instead of focussing on this one. The latter reason was problematic as I don't have a huge collection and having this much brick tied-up in a project was just not cricket. I also found working at non-minifig scale problematic (both in terms of parts consumed and keeping me excited in it) due to the difficultly in keeping the background 'interesting' but covering the ground required to keep background noise out of the shots.


I uploaded this as a tribute to what could have been - I hope that someone may take inspiration from it. It will be heading to the sort bins later this evening, although the robots will appear separately.

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Taken on May 23, 2010