Rubbermaid Batman/JLA Samurai 2010
An idea hatched last year, six Rubbermaid garbage cans, one baseball batting helmet, a shitload of little wooden blocks, a whole bunch of time and effort and this is what you get. Rubbermaid Batman Samurai along with Green Lantern, Superman, The Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Green Arrow done as if they were in Japan hundreds of years ago. Two parties back to back. One at LACMA, the other one, West Hollywood Halloween street parade. I've never been photographed so many times in my life. My eyes still have spots.

Also, no glue was used. Everything was tied down using leather string or riveted, or screwed in from the back. I hate costumes that start to fall apart halfway through the night. These costumes are battle ready. (well, almost, haha)

To be honest, this time was a bit easier because of everything I learned from the first Rubbermaid Armor I made back in 2007. So much so I was able to help out my friends in making their own armor. And it was pleasure dealing with such an awesome group of friends who bought into my madness to create something so big.

Hell, I've already got plans for 2012. It's gonna be huge if I can pull it off.

But for now, I've got 2 sets of armor to display in my house for the rest of my life. Pretty sweet.
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