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Scratch-Built Motorised Cardboard Model Of A British Alvis Saracen (FV603) Armoured Personnel Carrier (A.P.C.) Made From Recycled Materials - 1 Of 17

I made this one and a half foot (45.72 centimetres or 457.2 millimetres) model completely from recycled materials and bits of cardboard I had lying around, even the wheels are cardboard with corrugated cardboard for the treads of the tyres. My models are mostly static, but I wanted to see what they would look like motorised, so I got myself the motor with the axle and the battery compartment from an old broken battery operated toy car that I have and added It to this cardboard model. I glued the back wheels of this model to the axle connected to the motor, and It works perfect, just the right width of axle as well, I didn't need to adjust anything on It. Once the glue on the wheels were perfectly dried to the axle, I secured the motorised section Into the base of the model, touched up a few bits with paint just to blend It In. Once It was all dry, I fitted batteries In the battery compartment that came with the motor, turned the little switch on, and It worked like a dream, so I took It a long to this waste land that I know of, and filmed It, It looks great, wouldn't you agree, I have a longer version of this video on You -Tube, If you would like to see It, here Is the link. The whole model Is painted with emulsion paints, the paints are from Dulux paints, the best paint you can buy, emulsion paint Is strong and durable, plus It fills In any little defects In the cardboard. This Is an ambulance version, more eye catching, when I was a boy I use to live In Ireland with my grandmother on her farm In the south of Ireland, and we use to travel across the border to the north for the shopping by bus, great fun. In the north of Ireland they had the famous troubles, and the British army use to drive around In these, I remember seeing the ambulance version, with the red cross on the back, great looking vehicles, the frightening sound from It, a roar from It's exhaust (Muffler) then a loud squeal from It's engine, amazing looking monsters, one of my all time favourites. I like how this turned out, It looks great with a little motor In It, I also added lights to It, I took a snap shot of It at night to show you the lights working. I hope you like It as much as I do, enjoy. :) Here Is a Wiki link that gives you detailed Information about the Alvis Saracen.

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Taken on August 26, 2012