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Matchbox International LTD Convoy CY-9 Mitre 10 Kenworth Truck 1982: Driver 3 Conversion Diorama - 1 0f 14

This model Is one of the many Matchbox produced, It came In hundreds of liveries and with so many different trailers, even ones we probably don't know of. This one here was a well damaged version, so I used It for this conversion, I wouldn't have used a good one. The driver games are fantastic, I like them a lot, and Driver 3 has some beautiful detailed landscapes and vehicles In It. One of my favourite vehicles In the game Is the tractor trailer, and my favourite location In the game Is Nice, beautiful. I wanted to have something as a display piece to look at every day, Instead of turning on the game all the time, so I made this diorama. The trailer In Nice has a more darker green colour, so I painted mine to resemble the light grey version In Miami. This Matchbox tractor model had windows on the top part, but the one In the game didn't, so I filled the window section In with David's Isopon p40 car body filler, as for the trailer, I took off the original box section and replaced It with my own cardboard version, all the detail on It are bits of cardboard, underneath the trailer I also added small detailed bits to resemble the one In the game.The wheels I borrowed from some other Matchbox Kenworth models I have, the wheels I had on this model tractor and trailer were no good, I then painted It the colours as the one In the game, grey trailer and black tractor. The Haul - U Transport wording on the side of the trailer was made up from using letraset. Now the diorama was just an old bit of wood for the base, I then glued a piece of cardboard on the top side of the wood base, this was for the smooth road, I also added a small strip of cardboard on top of that near the back of the wall, this was for the pavement (Sidewalk) section. The wall Itself Is a strip of hard cardboard, I then gave It a slight bit of red plaster right across the strip, not that much that It starts to sag but just a little bit, this Is to give It more of a stone effect on the strip of cardboard rather than just a flat look from the card Itself. Before the plaster really dries I scored a brick pattern In the plaster to resemble the brick work on the wall In the game. The rocky hillside Is an old piece of metal mesh, the type used for plaster work, I shaped the mesh then tightly screwed the mesh to the back of the wooden base, I then got myself some old newspapers and some wallpaper paste and cut small pieces of paper strips and dipped them In the paste. I then put each pasted strip of newspaper onto the metal mesh, once It Is completely covered I let It dry, once dry I cover It with red plaster, and again let that dry. The little tree on the far right Is made from cushion stuffing, simple to make, It resembles the tree In the game. I then painted the whole diorama with Dulux emulsion paints, small sampler tins, a lot of paint In the tins, It's really the best matt emulsion paint you can buy for dioramas, I left the red plaster wall the colour It Is, I just added a few dry brush strokes all over It, I added detail on the hill, tree, and road with dry brushing effect, It's a great technique. as long as you don't add too much paint on your brush. The little people, I bought these from a company In China, they come In white and unpainted, they also sell painted versions but I opted for the unpainted version, the size 1:75 OO Scale. I scattered the little figures all over the diorama, just like In the game, people seem to walk all over the place. I hope you enjoy It. :)

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Taken on May 11, 2012