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MindMapping is a great tool for capturing and organising information. The way i use it with my clients is to use a mix of mindmapping and graphic recording onto sheets of paper. These are usually created real-time during a presentation, workshop or conversation or post the workshop to get the messaging and information write. I mind map videos, youtube vids, talks, workshops and presentations.

The mind maps are usually created in black and white then digitised and coloured in to turn them into these vivid visual masterpieces of colour, shapes and relationships. Mind mapping is a hugely beneficial tool. The main benefits being it is fun, creative, helps you remember and retain more information. I tend to remember a lot of what my clients talk about due to creating mind maps for them. A really great learning tool!

IF you would like to learn how to create colourful mindmaps like mine. I have developed a course that will help you do just that. How to MindMap To Get Better Grades

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