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10 Things About Me

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#1 - Since a lot of people first met me, they all will definitely comment about my height. I'm not sure why T_T. My height is 1.74m or 5'8" and the guys in my class are pissed about it cuz I'm taller than them but now, they are making fun of me being short. What the heck. But being tall isn't that great though. You fall easily, knock things over, hit your head the most and... I don't really know what other disadvantages there are but those are my experiences LOL.


#2 - I love sweet things, especially cakes and donuts. That's why I had a lot of cavities when I was a kid and I whine about how painful my tooth aches. I had to go to the dental clinic several times to get tooth fillings. It was horrible.


#3 - I lose interest in one thing very quickly. It's either I'm lazy to pay more attention to it or it doesn't interest me anymore. But no, I don't think I can get tired of this hobby that I just got into because it's the only thing that could get me going.


#4 - I'm an introverted / a socially awkward person. I don't really like going out, I rather stay at home. Had a pretty hard time communicating with people because I'm not really sure what to talk about. Which is why I seldom go out to doll meets or you know, things that includes interacting with people lol. Sounds pathetic, I know D:


#5 - I'm average at sports but I love playing it. I played Netball during my Primary school times, for 3 years, and stopped playing it after getting into Secondary school. I also play basketball, handball, badminton, frisbee, table tennis & tennis but never really thought of going professional in any of them. Also, recently this year, when I was practicing long jump, I injured both of my knees and I can barely move XD;;


#6 - I love travelling. I started to go overseas when I was 3. Yep. My family and I together visited a lot of countries and almost finish travelling the whole of Europe XD We went to Italy last year and it was awesome. This year, my mum booked a tour to Portugal & Spain but it isn't confirmed yet though. Not to mention, there's still riots in Spain. I have a feeling that the tour is most likely to be cancelled :/


#7 - I think I have an accent? Not really sure about this because my friends kept telling me that I have an European-American-ish accent which I don't know of. Reading a passage out loud will make the accent noticeable lol.


#8 - I love art, all kinds of art. As compared to my other art classmates, my artwork is kind of average and theirs are extraordinary. I prefer drawing in manga style adding some realism to it. I recently have an interest in painting, both acrylics and watercolours with an addition of pastels. But if you were to ask me to finish an art piece within a time frame, I'm likely not be able to because I procrastinate a lot. A lazy perfectionist would be perfect to describe me.


#9 - Not fond putting on make up and dressing up myself. I find it troublesome lol. But I do like doing face-ups and dressing my dolls :D


#10 - I love to drink coffee and I love to sleep too. Coffee can't really keep me awake, not sure why LOL. But since my health is deteriorating, I'm trying not to consume too much coffee and... sleep more XD





That's all about me~ ^^;

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Taken on October 9, 2012