Alan's Brick Collection
Currently 350 strong my brick collection started around 40 years ago, including many colliery bricks picked up when exploring local collieries and our local brickworks and later while working down five coal mines, but widening as all sorts of people added to the collection.
With fewer derelict sites around old bricks are not that easy to find, try starting your own collection, you'll see.
My interest also stems from studying ceramics when I was an art student for four years, building and firing kilns, creating glazes and visiting brickworks.
A Mr Holt who lived near Accrington offered his collection to Lancashire Museums Service a few years ago. His collection started purely because he found a brick with his initial and surname on. Eventually he owned over 5000 bricks!
Shire Publications asked me to photograph some of my bricks for the cover of their new Bricks and Brickmaking book (out now).
The collection was featured in The Simple Things magazine recently in their collectors section.
Problem is what happens to the collection long term, there isn't a national brick museum!
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