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Map of Crunk 'n Bible Studies | by Boyd Shearer
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Map of Crunk 'n Bible Studies

The goal was to determine the mood of a county’s population, whether they were tweeting more about getting drunk or going to bible study. Two groups of geocoded tweets were sampled from DOLLY for the time period June 21 to November 29, 2012. Roughly 8,000 tweets were collected for each population. The “crunk” population was created from tweets that said, “Let’s get drunk,” “Let’s get fucked up,” and “Let’s get crunk.” Minor variations were also added to this population, e.g., “Let’s get crazy fucked up!” The second population was created from tweets that said, “bible study.” Assuming authors meant what they tweeted, a rather unscientific sampling of each population determined an error rate in the sentiment analysis. Approximately 4 out of 100 tweets in the “crunk” population were of a mocking or derisive tone about getting drunk, while 2 out 100 tweets in the “bible study” population were not about studying the bible as illustrated in the following tweet, “Just got asked to go to bible”


Overall, the “bible study” tweets were most interesting, because there’s not much more to say after “Let’s get drunk n high.” The Bible Belt is clearly shown and large urban areas in the South easily favor the “bible study” tweets. The greatest concentration of “crunk” tweets tend to exist in college towns and military bases, both of which are populated by younger twitteres who generally have a greater stamina and can endure drunken nights and the ridicule of the “bible study” population reading their crunked tweets.


Boyd Shearer, Geo Instructor

Geography, University of Kentucky

November 30, 2012

2012 Sheepallenge

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