City Lights, France-Italy Border (NASA, International Space Station Science, 04/28/10)

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City lights at night along the France-Italy border, Europe are featured in this image photographed by an Expedition 23 crew member on the International Space Station (ISS). The brightly lit metropolitan areas of Torino (Italy), Lyon, and Marseille (both in France) stand out amidst numerous smaller urban areas in this dramatic photograph. The image captures the night time appearance of the France-Italy border area between the mountainous Alps to the north (not shown) and the island of Corsica in the Ligurian Sea to the south (top). The full moon reflects brightly on the water surface and also illuminates the tops of low patchy clouds over the border (center). This image was taken by an ISS crew member at approximately 11:55 p.m. local time when the station was located over the France-Belgium border near Luxembourg. Crew members orbiting Earth frequently collect images that include sunglint, or sunlight that reflects off a water surface at such an angle that it travels directly back towards the observer. Sunglint typically lends a mirror-like appearance to the water surface. During clear sky conditions reflected light from the moon can produce the same effect (moon glint) as illustrated in this view. The observer was looking towards the southeast at an oblique viewing angle at the time the image was taken; in other words, looking outwards from the ISS, not straight down towards Earth.

Image/caption credit: NASA

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  1. manny1110681 39 months ago | reply

    This is an awesome picture
    real nice work...

  2. Lilicomanche 39 months ago | reply

    We love this picture, seen on Marseille Raie Publique
    Thanks to post it in our pool

  3. 38 months ago | reply

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  4. aphotoshooter 38 months ago | reply

    amazing view..

    keep shooting, friend..

  5. Jaya C. 29 months ago | reply

    Amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Triple Art 28 months ago | reply

    Your photo is lonely outstanding – wonderful captured - thank you for sharing.

    Do you know about the new Triple Art Video ?
    Made in Switzerland

  7. Alain ♥ 28 months ago | reply

    Exceptionnel ! Merci !

  8. Eudaimonie 26 months ago | reply

    just stunning!!!!

  9. denismartin 17 months ago | reply

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  10. Holygal1 16 months ago | reply

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    Hi! How are you? How old are you? I am thirty-two years old. Wonderful snapshot of France! It is divine! You are an angel. God bless.



  11. EchoSciences Grenoble 15 months ago | reply

    Hi !
    Nice shot ! :-) We used your photo to illustrate one of our articles (in French) :
    For your information, your Flickr account is quoted in footnote.
    Feel free to add a comment :-)
    Thanks for sharing !
    The Echosciences Grenoble team

  12. NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center 15 months ago | reply

    Thank you so very much! This looks wonderful, and we appreciate you using our image. :)

    Hello, Holygal! We're at Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, U.S.A. Thank you for your kind words, and have a beautiful day!

  13. cowlishaw 11 months ago | reply

    Too Cool! :)

  14. اسماءمنصور 6 months ago | reply

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  15. NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center 6 weeks ago | reply

    My thanks to all for the many great comments on this image. Trying to catch up, but this is very appreciated!

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