Lynching in Moscow supermarket: Sep 7 '08
VOINA group
"Decembrists Commemoration" action

September 7, 2008
"Auchan" supermarket,
Belaya Dacha district,

Watch the action video and see how authorities and police assisted in the homo- and xeno- phobic lynching to the delight of their Mayor.

On September 7 the Voina group celebrated Moscow City Day by lynching two gay activists and three illegal Central Asian immigrants inside the capital’s largest supermarket.

The execution through hanging took place inside the "Auchan" supermarket on the outskirts of the city at dawn. Heavily drugged victims, among them one homosexual with Jewish origins, one gay rights activist of Russian descent, one illegal Kyrgyz worker and two illegal Uzbek migrants, were brought under convoy inside the store and hung in the lighting department.

The execution was inspired by the 19th century political hanging of the Decembrists, the first group to attempt a revolution in Russia. A gay pride rainbow flag was flown before the lined up victims reading "Pestel doesn't bother cock". The Decembrist leader Pavel Pestel was executed by hanging with four other conspirators in 1826.

The lynching was a gift by Voina for Muscovites and city mayor Yury Luzhkov responsible for the exploitation of a million of illegal migrants in Moscow and outlawing gay pride parades.

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