Cop In A Priest's Cassock, Moscow: Jul 3 '08
VOINA group
“Cop In A Priest’s Cassock” action

July 3, 2008
“Sedmoy Kontinent” supermarket,
Neverovskogo street, 15,

Indymedia agency reports

The July 3 Voina action features a police officer inside the headquarters at the Moscow office of the ruling party “United Russia” dressing up for his routine operation.

Wearing an Orthodox priest’s cassock the cop proceeds down the Kutuzovskiy avenue to the local “Sedmoy Kontinent” supermarket. Upon entering the superstore the faithfully dressed officer begins to fill his shopping cart with a variety of high-quality goods - among them vodka, whiskey, smoked salmon, blinys, pickles, honey with nuts, fresh peaches and more. After satisfying his cravings the policeman tightly packed in his black cassock passes past the cash register and store security unharmed, because shoplifting by a cop in a priest’s cassock can not be considered a felony in today’s Orthodox Russia.

Upon returning to his political HQ the officer in the company of several suspicious characters went on to celebrate the joys of living in Putinist Russia by throwing a wild party that went into the wee hours of the mourning.

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