The Challenge "Jar"

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    Ideas from members of the Skineart site are put into this jar and one is drawn each month to test each other

    1. Bob McDowall 43 months ago | reply

      Thank you for your interest in some of my stuff. You should consider posting your sketches and drawings on the Skineart website where I am a moderator. It is based in New York but we are a world wide community. I am in Scotland, for instance. No one criticises each other - it is a site for sharing. You don't even have to use Moleskine sketchbooks although using these is preferred so comparisons can be made. The reason It took a week to reply to you is I was in America visiting folks I met through this site. My wife and I have just returned. A spin-off from a great website. - see my stuff under "Uncle Bob"

    2. congalaconga 43 months ago | reply

      Hello, Bob! :)
      Thank you so much for your kind words!
      I came here from there, I saw your Flickr link in the Skineart forum. I already signed in, but didn't post yet. I was really wondering if I can post my sketches made in other brands of sketchbooks or only moleskines... I'm using a Hahnemuhle A5 in the moment. :) I'll add some bad drawings soon. ;)

      I'm very keen on your artwork, you are so talented! I'm really really a fan of your art. A pity I didn't find you before. Don't worry about the delay, I knew you'd travel (I saw the forum post). I found many people there that I'm also foud of, like Nikira and even some brazilian compatriots. I'm addicted already to the Skine Art site. :D There's so many different styles and nice stuff there! An instant favourite, for sure. I think it's very inspiring.

      How was your trip? Hope you and your wife had lots of fun! :D Did you meet many sketch friends there? Hope so! :D Hope to be lucky enough to travel in the future and meet some virtual sketch friends too. It would be wonderful! For now, I'll try to capture more interesting things here in Brazil. :)

      Oh, and nice to meet you, Bob! Thank you!

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