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city of a hundred spires

the Golden City St. Vitus Cathedral city of a hundred spires Mühlbrunn  Colonnade Cobblestone Reflections down stairs Malá Strana deep winecellar Mustek golden city reflections old town square shadow _ window _ view Wenceslas Square liquid gold way out rushhour in a ancient city hundred spires waiting golden_river_ waterfront Saint Vitus's Cathedral

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Koko Nut, it's all about the frame says:

what a beautiful city and well presented here by you. when i visited there in 1994 it had already begun its transformation back to its glory days, even more so now. sadly in those days i was not much of a shutterbug.
Posted 96 months ago. ( permalink )

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dra.senaide says:

Este albun es maravilloso. Sus fotos sobre el puente Carlos, sus reflejos en el Vitava y la bodega son espectaculares. Visite esa ciudad en el 2002 y quede muy impresionada por su belleza que esta muy bien demostrada en estas fotos. Felicitaciones.
Posted 95 months ago. ( permalink )

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lemosp says:

Seus albuns são uma beleza,abraços.
Posted 95 months ago. ( permalink )

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Feder und Flamme says:

prag ist eine unbeschreibliche stadt.......
leider war ich erst einmal einen ganzen tag lang dort. deine wunderschönen fotos wecken erinnerungen.....
Posted 90 months ago. ( permalink )

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Rolfmundi says:

Gratuliere zu den sehr schönen Aufnahmen!!
Posted 84 months ago. ( permalink )

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Garry - www.visionandimagination.com says:

Thanks for sharing your wonderful impressions of Prague. Now...how do I fave a collection :-)
Posted 80 months ago. ( permalink )

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glasskunstler says:

Werner you have certainly captured this romantic city perfectly with all of these wonderful night presentations,who wouldn't want to see this amazing location!! So much history, architecture and beauty in one place !! I cant imagine going back to Germany without making certain that Prague will be a destination while so close!
Truly stunning!
Posted 67 months ago. ( permalink )

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