The Royal Albert Bridge [Explore]

This was a cold, early start on the banks of the River Tamar just before sunrise. Above the Royal Albert Bridge there was some fast moving, high cloud, but at sea level the air was relatively still. The surface of the water was smooth and almost motionless in comparison to the sky above. It took me some time to compose the shot and I struggled to squeeze in the entire structure of the bridge, especially with the limitations of the crop frame sensor in my camera. I recently opted to compromise my wide angle capability by changing my SIGMA 10-20mm for a Canon 17-40mm L lens. A ‘considered’ compromise I was prepared to make for superior image quality, and I have to say, it’s been worth it on the whole. Once the shot was composed, I added a 10 stopper ND filter but decided against adding a grad filter as the river was reflecting enough light to provide balance to the scene.


Thanks for looking. Mk

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Taken on January 22, 2011