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    *** Someone please tell me where this is posted!!!!! ***

    Mamiya 80mm f/1.9 Sekor C wide open
    Mamiya 645 Super 1/500th handheld
    Kodak Portra 160VC @100
    Better results overexposing in shade.

    This is the beginning of a feminist project I've just started. This project is going to focus on make-up, the mask that we (as a society) force women to wear. It's not that make-up is in itself bad or evil or any silliness like that. Make-up is one of the most obvious symptoms of patriarchal oppression. It shows that we value women only for their beauty, for their bodies.

    Go out to a restaurant, a mall, a church and look around. Every woman there will be wearing make-up and none of the men will be, because we value men for other things. As a man, my role is not to attract a partner who will support (and dominate) me for the rest of my adult life. It's not because make-up is feminine and not wearing make-up is masculine; make-up is just colored dirt. But for women, the expectation to wear make-up to be accepted is so strong, most women won't leave the house without it (and wear it at home).

    My intention with this series is to depict the woman with her individuality and face covered up, only the make-up is visible. I believe that's what make-up does without the bag. We teach women from birth that they aren't as intelligent, they aren't good at math, they're emotional and illogical, they should be taking care of the children... This has got to stop. We've fostered a self-image for women that needs the make-up to feel confident, to feel pretty. They need that because they know they won't be valued as intellectual equals. And why not? Because we've all been taught that they aren't, but it simply isn't true.

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    1. JSE photographies 45 months ago | reply

      C'est très bien réalisé, ça me plaît !

    2. Justin Ornellas 45 months ago | reply

      interesting perspective
      cool use of film

    3. Skies of Bitan 碧潭的天空 45 months ago | reply

      You don't get around much if you think that only women wear makeup these days. Come to Asia, where the men are boys...

      I disagree with nearly everything you wrote, but love these images. You've got talent.

    4. christophergreene 45 months ago | reply

      You're entitled to your opinion. Also, the project is with American views and standards, with American patriarchy in mind.

      Thank you for your complement.

    5. Film shooter 45 months ago | reply

      Christopher, I actually agree with most of what you said. Patriarchal oppression comes in many forms in different cultures. This is exactly the subject we discussed in my graduate class regarding views of gender inequality/gender bias in reference to women. Perception is powerful and I wish you great success in your project.

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